By Nick Romano
March 14, 2019 at 09:03 AM EDT

Jay Leno has something to say about a lot of things. So he crashed Jimmy Fallon‘s monologue on The Tonight Show Wednesday to say it.

Fallon’s predecessor seems to have a standing reservation on his old late-night talk show stomping grounds, and this week he ranted and raved as the “angry guy” Fallon saw on the street. He’s straight-up had it with things like stores within other stores, like a Coffee Bean inside a grocery store. “And inside the Coffee Bean was a Starbucks,” he joked.

Leno also launched a tirade against those Apple stores pressuring you to upgrade your phones. “How much more camera do you need on your iPhone?” he exclaimed. “What are you using it for? Colonoscopies?”

That’s not all. Leno lampooned medical marijuana as an apparent treatment for hemorrhoids, signing your digital credit card swipes with your finger instead of a pen on paper, and Amazon’s stores with zero sales clerks. Eventually, he tires out… eventually.

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