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Fourteen ladies (and the ghost of one dearly departed “taint” cyst) sashayed back into the RuPaul’s Drag Race season 11 Werk Room after last week’s first elimination of the season, but fresh faces and wide eyes soon turned to stank glances as the lingering spirit of Soju’s dermatological nightmare slowly infected the remaining girls’ attitudes.

The thin fabric of sisterhood joining Hole & Oats — the catty duo otherwise known as Brooke Lynn Hytes and Scarlet Envy — literally burst at the seams as the queens convened to mourn Soju. Scarlet, whose Old Hollywood-inspired gown landed her among the “safe” set last week, spouted something about the piece being the envy of her competitors, which challenge winner Brooke quickly called “delusional” before pointing out the gaping tears running along the side of the garment before literally prancing around the space in celebration of her own victory.

Mar-12-2019 13-58-19
Mar-12-2019 13-58-54

In a confessional, the prophet of shade jumped out of Scarlet’s spirit and attempted to reclaim the word “oats” from Gia Gunn as she mused on Brooke feeling her own oats too hard:

Mar-12-2019 14-53-48

Ahead of the mini-challenge, Silky pondered death…

Mar-12-2019 14-50-24

… before she gave us life (alongside Yvie Oddly and Vanessa Vanjie Mateo) during her bit in the perennial celebrity-photobomb challenge.

Mar-12-2019 14-00-27
Mar-12-2019 14-00-48
Mar-12-2019 14-01-12
Mar-12-2019 14-01-23
Mar-12-2019 14-01-54

As challenge winners, Silky and Brooke were appointed team captains for the acting challenge: Two separate satirical takes on major motion pictures, with the former’s group tackling Jordan Peele‘s Get Out and the latter’s starring in a spoof of Marvel’s Ryan Coogler-directed blockbuster Black Panther.

In a hilarious warning that a portion of the viewing audience should perhaps heed, Michelle Visage cautioned Ariel Versace — who is, by all accounts, a gay man participating in the art of drag — against using the word “girl” to give her character a personality during the Why It Gotta Be Black, Panther? bit.

Mar-12-2019 15-04-34

Although no-b’dee was killed at Stonewall, Derrick Barry literally killed it as he made a surprise cameo in Team Silky’s project Good God Girl, Get Out! as the ill-fated deer struck by Allison Williams and Daniel Kaluuya’s car near the beginning of the film.

Mar-12-2019 14-17-37

Speaking of death, Mercedes Iman Diamond and Kahanna Montrese killed their chances at placing in the top with their monumentally awkward line reading of perhaps the simplest piece of dialogue in Drag Race herstory. In Mercedes’ world (which we’re not complaining about living in, mind you), “Opulence! You own everything!” translates to “Oppalens! You. Earn. Everytheeeeeng!”

Mar-12-2019 14-51-41

As is tradition in Drag Race, the flub is now an iconic masterpiece of digital art.

Mar-12-2019 14-09-23
Mar-12-2019 14-09-42
Mar-12-2019 14-09-51

As is Silky’s “acting,” which involved forgetting her lines across several takes and breaking character (and subsequently ruining her first good take) to check with the judges to see if she’d done a good job, ad-libbing hilarity, getting tazed in the t—tty, and flipping a wig off her head — all while balancing a giant teacup in her bosom.

Mar-12-2019 14-10-00

Good luck explaining to non-Drag Race fans what exactly is going on in the following GIF.

Mar-12-2019 14-10-23

Back in the Werk Room, Yvie Oddly confronted the opposing team for talking sh— on Silky to RuPaul, igniting a heated exchange between herself and Ra’Jah O’Hara that carried over into Untucked (and included an iconic apology in which Yvie indicated her behavior wasn’t “the tea”).

Mar-12-2019 14-13-54

Also lacking in tea both herbal and figurative, Kahanna ruined her own runway reveal during the zodiac-themed challenge as her Chico’s dress literally fell apart as she strutted her Aries realness in front of the judges.

Mar-12-2019 14-15-56

Scarlet, however, served one of the fiercest lewks of the season thus far (compliments of dollar store bubble guns!).

Mar-12-2019 14-16-20

In the end, Kahanna and Mercedes engaged in a fierce lip-sync battle soundtracked by Britney Spears’ “Work Bitch,” continuing the song’s running trend of only being performed — regardless of which artist is putting on the show — with pre-recorded vocals since its 2013 debut.

Mar-12-2019 14-34-11
Mar-12-2019 14-34-22
Mar-12-2019 14-34-47
Mar-12-2019 14-35-00
Mar-12-2019 14-35-25

Though she put up a solid fight, Kahanna was eliminated. In seeing herself out while wagging her glistening finger and chanting “something’s coming, bitch!,” Kahanna also became the second queen in under two months to threaten RuPaul on the runway (following Monique Heart admitting she wanted to meet Mama Ru “in the parking lot” after her fake All-Stars 4 elimination).

In fitting conclusion to her reality television era, that “something” turned out to be a music video for Kahanna’s single “Scores” — which features Trinity The Tuck serving butch trade realness.

Oh, what oppalens can buy!

Mar-12-2019 15-11-12

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 11 returns Thursday at 9 p.m. on VH1.

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