By Ruth Kinane
March 12, 2019 at 05:50 PM EDT

Seers can be a useful asset for those vying for the Iron Throne, but the real-life stars of Game of Thrones had a fortune teller of their own: Ice and Fire superfan Adam Whitehead.

At a 2009 George R.R. Martin book signing in Belfast, Northern Ireland, the sci-fi and fantasy blogger met some of the cast members — who were filming the pilot nearby — and quickly realized he knew much more about their characters’ futures than they did. He fondly recalls informing a 12-year-old Maisie Williams that Arya was going to become an assassin. “She was quite taken aback,” Whitehead recalls to EW. He also informed Sophie Turner that Sansa would team up with Littlefinger to “become a better player in the game of thrones.”

Adam Whitehead

With those overwhelming revelations, it was a good thing the girls had their onscreen big brothers on site. “Richard Madden [who played Robb Stark] was in command, talking to everyone and making sure he learned their names, just like the King in the North,” Whitehead says. Kit Harington, who had been shooting relentlessly, showed up for a few polite hellos too. “He was absolutely wiped out,” Whitehead says. “It was very Night’s Watch-ish: turned up, did his duty and took off.” Alfie Allen, however, had more energy to contemplate Theon’s fate. “He asked, ‘They won’t have a whole season of me just being tortured, will they?’” Whitehead (mistakenly) assured him it was unlikely.

Adam Whitehead
Adam Whitehead
Adam Whitehead

The fan dedication on display that night and the 500 or so people in attendance only hinted at what was in store when winter came via HBO in 2011. “I think that was the first time they realized it wasn’t going to get canceled after five episodes,” says Whitehead.

The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones premieres April 14.

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