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Good Omens

David Tennant is breaking his silence on Netflix’s decision to cancel Jessica Jones.

EW asked the actor — who played the breakout villain Kilgrave in the show’s first two seasons — about the streaming service’s move to ax the acclaimed Marvel drama.

The actor and other sources confirmed that Kilgrave does not appear the upcoming third season of the show — a big question among fans since the character was brought back for a series of hallucination appearances in season 2 after perishing at the end of the debut season. And despite the superhero drama starring Krysten Ritter being canceled for byzantine corporate-y reasons apart from its popularity, Tennant says he’s at peace with the decision.

“I don’t really regard it as a cancellation so much as something having the life that it should have,” the actor said. “Three seasons of that story is great. Rather than thinking of it as something that was canceled, I think of it as something that had three seasons that will live in the memory.”

Tennant made the comments at South by Southwest where he was on hand to promote his upcoming Amazon Prime series Good Omens. Based on Neil Gaiman’s novel, the actor plays a demon who’s intent on saving Earth from Armaggedon because he rather likes it here.

Tennant’s costar Michael Sheen had praised him during the show’s panel event: “The biggest challenge was being in scenes with David and enjoying what he does so much that I forgot to say my lines,” Sheen said. “When you’re up close, you’re going, ‘Oh that’s very good, I would never have thought of doing that,’ and then, ‘Oh s—, I’ve got to [say my lines].'”

Good Omens premieres on Amazon Prime on May 31. Season 3 of Jessica Jones will air sometime in 2019.

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