A widower and dad of two. A female prison guard who loves to hunt and feels like “one of the boys.” The Fab 5‘s first duo — two barbequing sisters.

Those are just a few of the people — a.k.a. “heroes” — getting a make-better on season 3 of Queer Eye, debuting March 15 on Netfix. Enter Bobby Berk (interior design), Karamo Brown (culture), Tan France (fashion), Antoni Porowski (food and wine), and Jonathan Van Ness (grooming) to help these Kansas City, Mo.-area residents tackle what’s holding them back.

Below, Netflix exclusively shares with EW episode descriptions and more details on each of the people featured in the third season of the Emmy-winning series.

Credit: Christopher Smith/Netflix

Jody Castellucci, 49 — “From Hunter to Huntee”

Jody, a guard in Kansas’ notorious state men’s prison, has always felt like “one of the boys.” She’s a camo-clad goddess who hunts and plants her own food. Jody’s husband, Chris, nominated her because as confident as she is on the outside, she doesn’t feel that way on the inside. They’re about to celebrate their 10th anniversary and Jody wants to learn how to feel feminine without sacrificing her strength. The Fab 5 teach Jody that femininity is whatever she wants it to be and that beauty comes with confidence and from within.

Credit: Denise Crew/Netflix

Joey Greene, 47 — “Lost Boy”

Joey is a professional camper and has recently become the program director at Camp Wildwood. Joey spent years on the move, sleeping under the stars –– showering only when he found a nearby stream. He spends all day around kid campers and feels like one himself. Joey’s 13-year-old son, Isaac, visited his dad over the summer, kicking him into gear to create a stable home for them both. Isaac is growing out of thinking that crashing in the RV or a tent is cool. Joey transforms from a scruffy, meek, Peter Pan to a well-groomed, confident leader.

Credit: Christopher Smith/Netflix

Mary & Deborah Jones, 58 & 61 — “Jones Bar-B-Q”

Mary and Deborah Jones (a.k.a. Shorty and Little) have barbeque in their DNA. Since they were little girls, they worked alongside their father at Jones Bar-B-Q. The Jones sisters are among few female pitmasters in Kansas City and their unique brand attracts lines of customers each day until they sell out. Mary and Deborah have always had big dreams to expand their business and market their barbeque sauce, but the daily grind has left little time for anything but work. The Fab 5 get in the kitchen with the Jones sisters and encourage them to ease off the daily grind long enough to see the potential of building on their father’s legacy.

Credit: Christopher Smith/Netflix

Robert Hitchcock, 34 — “When Robert Met Jamie”

Robert is an outgoing and charming psychiatric nurse who is about to be married to his longtime partner, Jamie. She is the mother of his two children and his step-daughter. His boisterous personality and huge hair may disguise Robert’s deep insecurities, but he isn’t shy about voicing them. He barrels through every conversation with self-deprecating comments. With his wedding a week away, the Fab 5 give Robert a long, hard look in the mirror. They help him finally see what they see — a charming, successful, and handsome groom with a devoted family who loves him dearly.

Credit: Christopher Smith/Netflix

Jess Guilbeaux, 23 — “Black Girl Magic”

Jess’ life has been a twisted roller coaster ride. Her religious, adoptive family disowned her at 16 when she came out as lesbian. She bounced around on couches and tried to put herself through college. This dream is on hold as she barely gets by on her salary as a waitress. Jess keeps her vulnerable side at bay because she doesn’t trust that people won’t hurt her. She’s struggled with her identity and doesn’t think she fits in anywhere. The Fab 5 help Jess connect with her biological sister and also embrace her chosen family. Jess has a new mantra — she is a strong, black, beautiful, lesbian!

Credit: Christopher Smith/Netflix

Rob Elrod, 42 — “Elrod & Sons”

Rob is an easy-going, sweet guy who jokes that he somehow “tricked” his wife Allison into marrying him. Rob and Allison were happily raising their two young boys when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. However, Allison tragically lost that fight a year later when the cancer spread to her brain. After a long period of grieving, Rob is ready for him and his boys to forge ahead with their lives, just as his wife had wished. The Fab 5 help him move into his new home and see the possibilities for his future while showing Rob that he doesn’t have to let go of Allison’s memory to move forward.

Credit: Christopher Smith/Netflix

Thomas Diggs, 21 — “Sloth to Slay”

Thomas is shy and withdrawn. At age 11, he was devastated when his mother passed away and he’s been stuck in his “cave” ever since. He lives with his sister Krissy, but has been too afraid to show his true self to anyone else. When he isn’t working as a computer programmer, Thomas stays hidden away in his room playing computer games. Krissy nominated her brother because she needs to know that he can make it on his own. The Fab 5 surprise Thomas on his 21st birthday and help him step out of his cave and into a bright future.

Credit: Christopher Smith/Netflix

Tony Blanco, 29 — “Baby on Board”

Tony’s first baby is a week away, but he’s still living like a frat guy in a dirty, unkempt house. Putting off building the crib is one thing, but there’s also plenty of dishes in the sink and piles of stuff everywhere. Tony has been a co-parent to girlfriend Bri’s 7-year-old daughter for years, but having a newborn is freaking him out. He’s a certifiable procrastinator, but the baby simply can’t be put off. The Fab 5 remind Tony of the man and father he can be and that he can ask for help when he’s in over his head.

See more of the season 3 “heroes” in the video above, and check out the trailer here. All eight new episodes of Queer Eye will be available to stream March 15 on Netflix.

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