It was the tweet heard round the world. In 2015 — apropos of nothing, really — comedian Sarah Silverman sent this hilarious missive out into the Twitterverse.

It didn’t take long for the internet to grab hold of this piece of trivia and turn it into countless giddy headlines declaring that Silverman’s then-boyfriend, noted British actor Michael Sheen, named his manhood after the Emmy-winning star of Cybill and The Good Wife. For years, Baranski — now starring on the Good Wife spin-off The Good Fight — has fielded questions about Michael Sheen’s penis, whether she’s on the red carpet promoting a movie or sitting down for an interview on The Graham Norton Show. When she was questioned (yet again) about the Sheen peen on The Late Late Show With James Corden in 2017, Baranski replied, “I don’t know how I will ever meet that man and look him in the face.”

One year later, Baranski and Sheen did meet, when the actor was cast as corrupt lawyer Roland Blum for season three of The Good Fight. So how did that first meeting go? EW got the details from Baranski herself.

The Good Fight
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“We embraced, and I looked him straight in the eye — I did not look anywhere else but his face,” she says. “We had a huge embrace. I often said if I ever meet Michael Sheen I won’t know where to look. It was very easy because I was greeting him as a colleague and he was in court about to shoot a scene and I wasn’t working that day.” The actress says that the topic of, ahem, “the Great Christine Baranski” did not come up until later when she and Sheen filmed their first scene together, in which Diane Lockhart (Baranski) finds the wildly-bearded Roland Blum (Sheen) sitting in her darkened office.

“It’s a scene where he’s spinning tales and telling me that he knows about me and he’s got my number and all of that. I’m having none of it, I call security to get him out. In the middle of shooting that scene, he looked at me and said, ‘You know, I never said that about my penis. He said, ‘It was Sarah, my then-girlfriend,'” recalls Baranski. “And I said, ‘It’s fine. However I’m associated with you is an honor, Michael.'”

Baranski also teases that there’s a “tongue in cheek” nod to the Sarah Silverman joke in Diane and Roland’s first meeting — one that the actress hopes will put an end to the “Great Christine Baranski” tale once and for all. “[Michael] says the sooner this [story] will go away the better,” says Baranski. “And I quite agree.”

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