By Oliver Gettell
February 28, 2019 at 12:00 PM EST
Credit: Aaron Epstein/Amazon Studios

Titus Welliver’s dogged LAPD detective is going deep undercover in season 5 of Bosch, and EW has an exclusive first look at the trailer.

Launching April 19 on Amazon Prime Video, the new season finds Detective Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch (Welliver) investigating a murder at a Hollywood pharmacy that exposes a sophisticated opioid ring and compels him to make a risky maneuver.

“We’ve never seen Bosch undercover — he’s a homicide detective, so that’s not part of his job description,” Welliver, 57, tells EW. “But in the pursuit of this case, he has to go undercover, and he has no cellphone, he has no panic button, he can’t wear a wire, and he has no idea where this is going to take him.” There comes a moment when even his trusty partner, J. Edgar (Jamie Hector), loses contact with him, “and so Bosch is kind of in the wind and completely on his own.”

Based on the 2017 novel Two Kinds of Truth, the 20th installment of Michael Connelly’s long-running Bosch book series, season 5 also involves a case from Bosch’s past that resulted in the conviction of a serial killer but has since raised the specter of police misconduct — which could call his entire career into question.

“Bosch knows this guy to be bad, but of course in our universe, nothing is ever quite as it seems,” Welliver says. “If some sort of malfeasance or corruption is discovered and falls at his feet, ultimately, many, many convictions of cases that he’s worked could be overturned or reopened.” (As seen in the trailer, Bosch turns to an unlikely source for legal representation.)

Season 5 picks up 15 months after the show’s pivotal fourth season, during which Bosch finally brought his mother’s killer to justice but lost his ex-wife, Eleanor (Sarah Clarke), in shocking fashion. He’s still grieving in the new season, and also navigating his new life with his daughter, Maddie (Madison Lintz).

“I think that with the loss of Eleanor, his relationship as well with Maddie becomes strengthened to a certain degree, out of emotional necessity and dependence,” Welliver says. “But yet there’s also an odd kind of division. There’s still this sort of chasm between the two of them, and I think part of it is them getting to know each other, Harry being kind of new to being a full-time parent, and that his child is no longer a child, she’s a young woman.… So we sort of find him in this jumble, in that all these things come colliding.”

Watch the new Bosch trailer above.

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Amazon brings Michael Connelly's long-running Harry Bosch book series to the small screen, with Titus Welliver playing the titular LAPD detective.

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