It's a bird! It's a plane! It's the "angsty teenager of steel"!

EW has learned that Australian newcomer Joshua Orpin has been cast as Superboy, a.k.a. Conner Kent, in Titans season 2. And you can expect him to be just as moody as the brooding, "F— Batman"-declaring Robin (Brenton Thwaites), goth Rachel/Raven (Teagan Croft), and amnesiac badass Kory/Starfire (Anna Diop), because you can never have too much teenage angst and being a young hero is emotionally trying stuff.

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The DC Universe drama teased Superboy's arrival in the season 1 finale with an end-credit scene that showed Conner and his super-powered dog breaking free of Cadmus Laboratory in Metropolis. When we meet "the angsty teenager of steel" in season 2, he'll be "searching for purpose and the truth about his past," according to the official character description. Along the way, he ends up finding an unlikely home and surrogate family with the Titans, as well as revelations that carry more complications than he ever bargained for.

[MILD SPOILER ALERT] In the comics, Conner is actually Superman's clone that was created using both Superman and Lex Luthor's DNA and has most of the former's powers. As of right now, it's unclear how closely the show will adhere to that origin, but the fact that the season ended with Conner waking up in lab suggests that it won't stray too far from the canon. That being said, we can probably expect Titans to puts its own spin on the character, like it did with Robin, Raven, Starfire, Beast Boy (Ryan Potter), and the other heroes in season 1.

"We still want to take the same dimensionalized and psychologically grounded approach that we do with the other characters and apply that same pressure to Conner Kent and see what shakes out when you put a character like that through that test," showrunner/executive producer Greg Walker told EW in December. "You know, questions of identity, questions of powers, questions of your place in the universe. These are all questions that are interesting for any kind of Superman character, and are really interesting for Conner."

Of course, Superboy isn't the only thing that the titular capes will have to deal with when the DC Universe drama returns. In case you forgot, season 1 ended with Robin giving into his dark side and succumbing to Trigon's will, much to everyone's horror.

Orpin's credits include The Blake Mysteries: Ghost Stories, the feature film The Neon Spectrum, and the forthcoming miniseries Upright.

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