The Tick (2017 series)

Just because the Terror has been defeated doesn’t mean the terror is over.

As seen in the exclusive trailer for the second season of Amazon’s The Tick (above), new villains have risen to take his place. And, to twist a well-known superhero aphorism, with great villains come great heroes, and with great heroes comes AEGIS, the organization that had abandoned the City after the death of the Flag Five. They’ve returned to set up its local branch to test the new wave of caped crusaders.

Crusaders like Arthur (Griffin Newman), who’s finally ready to “follow the hero’s way,” as the Tick (Peter Serafinowicz) puts it. “Fantastic!” the being in blue responds when Arthur accepts. “I have been itching to hone that danger reflex of yours.”

They’ll need to hone it fast, as threats are headed their way, including Ms. Lint (Yara Martinez), who promises “a damn tsunami” of horror to come. Who knows what that means, but for now, the trailer makes a few things certain: The Tick will tick some butt, teams will team up, and hugs will be hugged when season 2 arrives April 5.

In the meantime, EW can also exclusively debut a group shot of the ensemble in the AEGIS office…

The Tick Season 2 CR: Prime Video
Credit: Prime Video

…along with the official key art for season 2:

The Tick Season 2 key artCR: Prime Video

The Tick’s full 10-episode second season arrives Friday, April 5, on Amazon Prime Video.

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