The man who wrote “Stan” has revealed himself to be a huge fan of live-action Marvel adaptation. Months after Eminem wrote an original song for the Venom soundtrack, the iconic rapper lodged a public complaint against Netflix for its cancellation of Marvel’s The Punisher.

“Dear Netflix, Regarding your cancellation of The Punisher, you are blowing it!! Sincerely, Marshall,” Eminem wrote in all caps on Twitter.

The use of caps lock, and tagging the streaming platform’s official account, show that Eminem means business when it comes to The Punisher. Alas, even his fame might not be enough to save the superhero series that starred Jon Bernthal as the gun-toting, skull-emblazoned vigilante. Netflix had already canceled Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Daredevil after the release of their most recent seasons. Earlier this week, the platform’s announcement that The Punisher and Jessica Jones were also finished marked the official end of Netflix’s collaboration with Marvel for interconnected superhero shows. The still-upcoming third season of Jessica Jones will mark the last release.

Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images; Jessica Miglio/Netflix

Whether intentional or not, Eminem’s tweet comes off sounding a lot like the frantic fan letters written by the fanatically obsessed protagonist of Eminem’s iconic song “Stan”: “Dear Slim, I wrote you but you still ain’t callin…” Though released in 2000, the song’s title has been appropriated by the legions of dedicated fans that now power pop culture. As Nolan Feeney wrote for EW in 2017, “in the ensuing years, the word — which can be used as both a noun and a verb, as a badge of pride (‘I stan for Kelly Clarkson’) and a term of dismissal (‘You’re just a biased stan’) — took on a life of its own in online pop circles to describe the ultra-devoted.”

It’s not hard to imagine why Eminem might identify with Frank Castle. After all, in a certain light they actually look fairly similar:

Credit: Nicole Rivelli/Netflix; Randy Holmes via Getty Images

In case you, like Eminem, have fallen in love with The Punisher, revisit EW’s binge-recap of season 2, as well as our ranking of every Marvel-Netflix season.

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