Josie Saltzman puts others first. It’s kind of her thing. And with a twin sister like Lizzie, it’s easy for Josie to find herself fading into the background of all of Lizzie’s drama. But not this week. In the next episode of Legacies, Josie finds herself taking center stage — literally — at the Salvatore School’s talent show.

We're Gonna Need a Spotlight
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“This episode really threw me for a loop for Josie just because she lives her entire life trying to please her family and that’s what she thinks makes her happy,” Legacies star Kaylee Bryant tells EW. But when the monster of the week just so happens to be something that lowers one’s inhibitions, Josie finds herself speaking up in a way she wouldn’t without a little supernatural help. “She clearly wants more attention and seeks more of these things that she doesn’t say. It’s interesting to dive into how much she doesn’t say and obviously everybody will see more of what she has to say throughout the season. I think that [this week’s monster] kind of sets the ball rolling.”

But Josie’s lowered inhibitions won’t just affect what she says to her sister. Let’s not forget she has a beautiful ex-girlfriend wandering around the school. “What’s so interesting to me about the dynamic between Penelope and Josie is that Penelope broke up with Josie because Josie wasn’t the person that she wanted. And of course that hurts Josie. Nobody wants to hear that. When you’re told you’re not good enough to be with somebody and then that person is going around and manipulating the people you love, it hurts,” Bryant says. “What happens throughout the season is they’re constantly going head-to-head with each other because Josie, after this episode, realizes that she is on her own pathway to loving herself and having her own voice, kind of in the same vein of what Penelope wants. But what’s frustrating is Penelope’s going at it in a way that Josie doesn’t like.”

In other words, this week’s monster is going to change some things for the witch, who takes the stage in front of all her classmates and belts out a song. It was a decision that came about after a little help from Bryant’s manager, who sent showrunner Julie Plec a tape of a young Bryant singing before Legacies even started filming. “The entire talent show episode I think started with my manager sending in this horrible video of 14-year-old Kaylee dancing on a stage,” Bryant says with a laugh.

Legacies airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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