First off, yes I am paying homage in the headline to MTV’s iconic Making the Video series.

Second, I’m happy to deliver the fourth installment of The Other Two‘s official aftershow, The Other Show!

Third, if Helen Mirren is reading/watching this, it’s prob best to step away.

This week’s episode of Two happens to be my personal favorite, namely for Chase’s song “My Brother’s Gay” and for Wanda Sykes referencing Countess Luann.

Creators Sarah Schneider and Chris Kelly are joined on the after show by Case Walker, who plays Chase, along with his onscreen siblings, Heléne Yorke and Drew Tarver.

The latter admits that production actually used his Facebook profile and friends to create the video for “My Brother’s Gay.” Watch above for more and a fun game that will make people my age feel suuuuper old and out of the loop.

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