Get ready to meet the strangest superheroes you’ve ever seen. Doom Patrol premieres this week on DC Universe, the second live-action superhero series on the streaming platform, following last year’s Titans. Most of the main Doom Patrol cast already debuted in an episode of Titans, but now that they have a show to themselves, things are about to get pretty weird. To see just how weird, EW can exclusively debut the opening credits for the first episode of Doom Patrol.

The Doom Patrol is a collection of lost souls who have all been disfigured in some way, and “fixed” in an even stranger way. Robotman, a.k.a. Cliff Steele (Brendan Fraser and Riley Shanahan), was once a hotshot race car driver, but after a violent crash, his brain has been implanted in a new android body. Elasti-Woman, a.k.a. Rita Farr (April Bowlby), was a golden-age Hollywood starlet until she encountered an unknown substance on an African shoot. Now her flesh is malleable, which means that with focus she can still look like she did in her prime — but if she loses control, her body starts oozing all over the place.

Both of them are represented in the opening credits by shots of Cliff’s brain being placed into his robot body and a hand melting in the midst of a bath.

Doom Patrol -- Ep. 101 -- "Pilot"
Credit: Jace Downs/Warner Bros.

But that’s just two members of the team. Other people also come under the tutelage of Dr. Niles Caulder, a.k.a. the Chief (Timothy Dalton), when they realize he’s the only person capable of helping them find new life after tragedy. The opening credits may change over the course of the season as more heroes get added.

To find out the rest of Doom Patrol’s secrets, fans will have to wait for the series to unfold over the next few months on DC Universe. Watch the first episode’s opening credits above.

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