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February 13, 2019 at 10:00 PM EST
The Magicians - Season 4
Credit: Eric Milner/SYFY

Warning: This post contains spoilers from Wednesday’s episode of The Magicians, “Marry F–k Kill.” Read at your own risk!

The Magicians season 4 trailer featured a shot of Margo (Summer Bishil) and Josh (Trevor Einhorn) sharing a passionate kiss that raised a lot of questions — and the Syfy fantasy series’ latest episode finally revealed exactly what’s going on.

In Wednesday’s episode, Josh’s sexually transmitted lycanthropy came to the forefront of the story because of the Quickening, which is a nasty side effect of being a werewolf. It turns out the Quickening happens every 30 years or so and forces a werewolf to develop an uncontrollable urge to either spread the disease to someone else, murder someone, or ultimately die by suicide if they resist. In other words, Josh wasn’t having a great time in Marry F–k Kill.”

Thankfully, Margo steps up to help him and tries to find a magical cure, but that doesn’t work. Feeling hopeless, Josh decides to lock himself in a cage and wait until he has no other option but to kill himself. However, that’s not an option for Margo, who joins him in the cage and consents to have sex, which stops the Quickening but also results in her catching the werewolf curse. Moreover, Margo assures Josh that this isn’t just some casual thing, and thus begins a rather unexpected relationship, which EW previously teased.

Three seasons ago, the thought of Josh and Margo pairing up seemed out of the question, even for a show as unpredictable and whimsical as this one. The series actually made joke about it happening in season 2when Margo said to Eliot (Hale Appleman), “Just floating this: would it be weird if I f—ed Josh?” and Eliot replied “I certainly hope it would be weird.” Interestingly enough, that bit dialogue is what inspired the writers to take the characters in this direction (and it’s definitely fair to say that given the circumstances, it was definitely weird, delightfully so).

“I couldn’t stop thinking about it,” executive producer/showrunner Sera Gamble, referencing that offhand bit of dialogue, tells EW.

The Magicians - Season 4
Credit: Eric Milner/SYFY

Even though it started as a joke, executing the idea required some care because Gamble and the writers didn’t want to write Margo into a relationship that changed or detracted from what made her such a special character.

“If I were a fan of the show and I was watching the show partly because of Margo is who she is — she’s a high king not because she won an election, but because she has been the high king of that show since the first time we saw her in the pilot, and she has made a lot of choices and has a lot personality traits that feed into that — I would be really f—ing bummed if she hooked up with a guy and she started acting less like Margo,” says Gamble.

“The thing that was the most interesting to us about Josh is that we saw a possibility,” she adds. “I couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that Josh, as we have been deepening the character and writing more stories for him hat maybe he has what it takes to let Margo be Margo. We just wanted to explore that.”

For their part, Bishil and Einhorn really enjoyed their new pairing because it actually ended up feeling natural.

“I like the way they’ve distilled the relationship,” Bishil told EW when we visited the Vancouver set in October. “It’s very authentic. I don’t thin it feels like they were like, ‘Oh, let’s put the two funny characters together.’ I think they really let it air out and develop something real and good that I liked playing. It made sense, like as soon as I started working with him at length. I was like, ‘Oh, this feels really natural. This is easy.'”

Einhorn added: “We’re both kind of the comedic reliefs of the show. To strip that down and just give it this real level, it’s great. I hope the fans like it because it’s a different pairing in a good way.”

The Magicians airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Syfy.

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