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Forget 98 percent — Justin Theroux is 100 percent sure about the answer to the big question from The Leftovers series finale.

The writer-actor appeared on the latest episode of People TV’s Couch Surfing and shared his opinion on whether or not Nora (Carrie Coon) was lying when she told Kevin (Theroux) that the device had successfully transported her to an alternate reality where 98 percent of the population of the planet had disappeared instead of just 2 percent.

“My theory is that she’s lying to me,” declared Theroux. “And she didn’t go to this other place, and she’s using that to try and get me to leave or to not be with her. It’s sort of implied, because our show, a lot of times when people would have monologues or say things, we’d flash back to those events. And in that monologue, there’s no flashback to the event. So I think it’s a defense mechanism. She’s like, I’m going to tell him this story and he’s gonna go, ‘You’re bats— crazy’ and he’s gonna leave. And he ends up saying, ‘I don’t care, you’re here, you’re the love of my life, and so I’m going to stay with you.'”

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Watch the full video above to hear more from Theroux on The Leftovers.

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