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Boomerang (1992 movie)

BET’s new series Boomerang is not a remake of the film — but fans of the 1992 Eddie Murphy and Halle Berry movie may see a familiar face or two when they tune in.

Touted as a sequel of sorts to the movie, Boomerangexecutive-produced by Berry and Lena Waithe — follows Murphy, Berry, and Robin Givens’ characters’ kids (played by Tetona Jackson and Tequan Richmond) as they embark on their own careers in advertising.

And while Murphy’s face appears on the phone screen when Jackson’s character gets a call from “Dad,” it seems at least one other original Boomerang cast member will be appearing on the series.

“You might see me at some point. I can’t speak for anybody else in the cast, I can only speak for myself,” Berry told EW while on a Television Critics Association panel Monday in Pasadena, Calif. “I am so proud of this show, and you might see me. You might see me, for sure.

“I haven’t spoken to anyone from the original show. Lena came to me — it was her passion and she just said, ‘I gotta do this and I want to team up with you.… I have to bring a modern version of this story to our people. Please do this for me,’” Berry continued. “Lena came to me with her heart, her passion, and a real desire to do it. And I said yes before really knowing how any of my other costars felt.”

And Waithe thinks other original cast members might be compelled to be a part of the series once it premieres Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET.

“Here’s the deal: They’ll see it and say, ‘Oh, This is so dope.’ That’s our goal. I was like, lemme make something so good that Eddie’s like, all right, man that’s lit,” said Waithe. “We’re very inspired by those that came before us, and the reason why all of us are standing tall is because we’re standing on [the original cast’s] shoulders. They really stood up and did something that nobody else was doing, and we all were little tykes watching it going, ‘Oh we wanna be like that when we get older.’”

That echoes what Waithe has previously told EW about working on the series:

“I’m here to give you a rebirth — Halle Berry pushed me on that. She’s like, ‘Lena, we did the 1992 version of this movie where it’s, like, black people are getting mercy. It was me, it was Robin Givens, Eddie Murphy. We did that. You gotta do something new for your generation.’ I want people to feel like this is the Atlanta version of Boomerang, on BET. That was how I pitched it. But then it evolved into something on its own. I think by the third episode, people are going to forget it was a movie.”

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Boomerang (1992 movie)
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