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Dawson’s Creek costars Busy Philipps and Michelle Williams might be best buddies now, but the pair revealed on Thursday’s episode of Busy Tonight that they almost didn’t survive a particularly harrowing experience during their budding friendship.

Philipps recounted their initial meeting after she joined the cast of the WB teen drama — which filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina and already featured Williams in a main role — for its fifth season in 2001.

“I met you the first night I was there. I had been prepped that we were going to love each other, so it felt very high stakes, and we ended up immediately loving each other,” Philipps remembered. But then, things took a dark turn in what the actress described as an “I Know What You Did Last Summer moment except no one died.”

“You had a jet ski and [our Dawson’s Creek costar] Kerr Smith had a jet ski. And I’m just going to apologize in advance if Kerr sees this, because we’ve never come clean about this, ever!” she continued.

“We had this really clumsy move. There was this boat coming our way, but nowhere near us! And to get out of the boat’s way, we decided to drive directly into each other,” Williams added. Philipps further elaborated: “We had a jet ski crash and Michelle gashed open her leg and I gashed open my hand. It was also the summer of the shark, where everyone was getting attacked by sharks. So, all I could think was get back on the jet skis, we’re going to die, the sharks are coming.”

The worst part, Philipps revealed, is that “Kerr came to work and he said his jet ski sank. And he was like, ‘Did something happen to my jet ski? And Michelle was like, ‘Nope, we don’t know!'”

Watch the women recall the death-defying moment in the clip above.

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