By Samantha Highfill
February 07, 2019 at 02:02 PM EST

“This is X-Files meets Route 66.” Those were the words of Supernatural Eric Kripke back in 2004 when he pitched the series. And in celebration of the show reaching its milestone 300th episode, Kripke has resurfaced and, for the first time, shared said pitch, which describes the show as being about, “Two brothers cruising the dusty back roads in their trusty 64 Mustang battling the things that go bump in the night.”

Speaking of those brothers, “Sam Harrison” is described as the Luke Skywalker of the series. He’s “smart, funny, handsome, maybe a little type-A.” Sam’s dad “Jack” started drinking after his wife was killed in a car crash when he was driving. As for Dean, Kripke wrote, “If Sam’s the good kid, Dean’s the troublemaker. If Sam’s Luke Skywalker, Dean’s Han Solo.” He describes Dean has having a “Cocky confidence masking a troubled soul.”

Credit: Justin Lubin/The CW

Additionally, Kripke shared his pitches for the first five episodes of the series, which include his original ideas for “Bloody Mary,” “Hookman,” “Wendigo,” “Dead in the Water,” and of course, the infamous “Bugs.” Read them in full below.

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