By Nick Romano
February 07, 2019 at 09:45 AM EST

The @DrunkInaGarten Twitter feed is surely flipping out right now.

Seth Meyers brought back his Day Drinking segment on Late Night this week and the guest he got utterly sloshed with under the afternoon sun was none other than Ina Garten. The elegant Food Network star from the Hamptons watched as Meyers chugged her specialty cocktails before she sipped the highly alcoholic cocktails the late-night host made for her.

If you can’t get day drink with the Barefoot Contessa at The Corner Bistro in Chelsea, store-bought Tito’s with your aunt from Syosset is fine.

Once they got a solid buzz going, the pair played a series of games, like matching the bare feet to the corresponding celebrities, matching the quote to the chef, and deciphering whether it’s Garten’s homemade gravy or KFC’s.

Getting to see Garten’s “Wah” reaction to tasting Arby’s Horsey Dip was worth all the trials 2018 hath wrought. That and also a trashed Meyers telling Garten to her face, “Can we not talk about Jeffrey?! Jeffrey, Jeffrey, Jeffrey!”

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