By Chancellor Agard
February 07, 2019 at 08:45 AM EST

Class is in session.

In the exclusive video above, Deadly Class star Benedict Wong, who plays Kings Dominion headmaster Master Lin, breaks down how his pretty fun fight scene with costars Benjamin Wadsworth and Lana Condor from Wednesday’s episode came together.

“It was great for us all to be involved together in this fight scene, and we learnt this 24 hours before we shot this as well,” Wong tells EW in the video above. “As you can see, it gets a bit savage, it’s a bit brutal, and it’s quite palpable.”

In last night’s Breakfast Club-inspired episode, Marcus (Wadsworth) and Saya (Condor) found themselves stuck in detention along with a few of their classmates. Unfortunately, their weekend in the library took a deadly (sorry!) turn when two Kuroki Syndicate assassinsinfiltrated the school to take Saya home and kill anyone who stood in their way. Thankfully, Lin showed up in time, and joined Marcus and Saya to fight them off in the middle of a diner.

“I think is the first time we sort of see Lin, in a way, saving their bacon really and seeing his true worth of him and why he is a master as well,” says the Doctor Strange star.

Watch Wong’s deep dive into the sequence above.

Credit: Katie Yu/SYFY

The Avengers: Infinity War actor isn’t alone in his love of this scene. When EW spoke to Condor ahead of the Syfy drama’s premiere, she said this was her favorite stunt scene to shoot because she got to fight alongside Wadsworth and Wong.

“It’s usually just Saya fights on her own, so I never really got to fight with other people like on my side, so that was really fun to do because I can’t just think about myself,” she told EW. “I’m so excited for people to see Benedict really fight because in Avengers, he has such a specific way of fighting and defense, but on our show, he’s such a savage, it’s ridiculous. That was probably my favorite fight on the season. I got to fight with the two of them and it looked really cool and I really can’t wait for everyone to see it.”

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