By Darren Franich
February 04, 2019 at 11:23 AM EST
Comedy Central

Lance Reddick's career crosses multiple genres of TV greatness, from The Wire and Fringe to his current scenery-devouring role as corrosive CEO Christian DeVille on Comedy Central's brilliant satire Corporate. On the new episode of EW's podcast Best of Shows, Reddick swings by to explain what corporate executives have in common with psychopaths, and how The Devil Wears Prada explains Christian DeVille. (Also discussed: His time on Oz, his love of Star Trek…and Lodge 49?)

This week, Kristen Baldwin and I are also watching Hulu's sweetly surreal new seventh-grade sitcom Pen15 and Netflix's family comedy-of-ideas One Day at a Time. And we're pondering the return of Bull, the CBS procedural that's been steeped in controversy swirling around star Michael Weatherly.

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