Good Girls - Season 2
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In season 1, Good Girls introduced viewers to Beth, Annie, and Ruby, three suburban moms who had no idea just how far they were willing to go to protect their families. (Spoiler: Robbing a grocery store wasn’t out of the question.) But when one decision set them down a dangerous path, well, let’s just say that there’s a reason why Beth ended season 1 with a gangster giving her a gun and demanding she either shoot him or her cheating husband.

Speaking of that cliffhanger, that’s precisely where season 2 picks up. “We pick up pretty continuously,” showrunner Jenna Bans tells EW. “We play with time in the season premiere, sort of the same way we did in the pilot — jumping back and forth. We literally pick up the morning after that big confrontation between Beth and Rio. After that, we go back in time 12 hours earlier and tell you what happened leading up to that morning.”

As for what went down when Rio handed Beth that gun, EW has a first look at the new season, which shows Beth, Ruby, and Annie huddling together in a hospital waiting room. “That picture is literally them dealing with the aftermath of what happened in that final confrontation between Beth and Rio,” Bans says. “They are in a hospital, someone may have been hurt, and it may not be who you think.” Executive producer Bill Krebs adds, “And it may or may not end the way you hope.”

But one thing is certain: Beth has a decision to make about her life. “This is a woman who sort of feels like she’s woken up in her early 40s and realized, ‘Wow, the choices I’ve made have not necessarily made me happy.’ We double down on that arc for Beth in season two and she really starts realizing that there’s a whole world out there that she hasn’t been privy to. Season two becomes even more about her making an active choice to stay in this life and try to juggle her safe, suburban motherhood world with this criminal underworld.”

Krebs adds: “If season one is that she fell into it and is trying to scramble to get out of it, season two is more about: Does she want to stay in it and does she have what it takes to actually do this very type of crime and be this type of person that she was trying to avoid in season one? Is danger just a fling or is it something that she’s really attracted to and wants to be a part of?”

Good Girls - Season 2
Credit: Justin Lubin/NBC

Good Girls returns Sunday, March 3 at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

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