By Nick Romano
February 02, 2019 at 11:01 AM EST

It’s time for arguably the best part of the Super Bowl — assuming you don’t care about the Halftime show, all the movie trailers that are coming our way, or the National Anthem performance… or, you know, the actual game.

Every year at the start of February, just days before Super Bowl Sunday, Jimmy Fallon brings out a litter of Golden Retriever puppies on The Tonight Show to have them predict the winners.

It’s a hit-or-miss method. The puppies went for the Seattle Seahawks for Super Bowl XLIX, but the New England Patriots won. They successfully predicted the Denver Broncos would beat the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl L, they missed the mark when they predicted the Atlanta Falcons would beat the Patriots for Super Bowl LI, and they were off again when they predicted the Patriots would beat the Philadelphia Eagles for Super Bowl LII.

So although the pups, in a close game on the Tonight Show this Friday, threw their paws behind the Patriots for Super Bowl LIII, the victors could very well be the Los Angeles Rams.

It doesn’t matter. We’re all just watching a bunch of adorable puppies scramble to eat puppy chow.

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