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Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito” became an international hit, but, let’s be honest, the randomly selected non-Spanish speaker probably sings the song like, “Despacito. Something-something-something-something Despacito, something-something-something-something Despacito, something-something-something-something Despacitooo!” So Fonsi and Jimmy Fallon rewriting the lyrics to put in whatever they thought was funny isn’t so outlandish.

Fallon wanted to see how the song held up when “Despacito” became “Flaming Hot Cheeto” or “Jared Leto.”

One is an ode to the cheesy goodness that “hurt my tummy but I still eat though,” the other is an ode to the Oscar winner who “look so handsome in a white tuxedo.”

As most music challenges of Fallon’s typically end, this one finished with a duet. They rewrote “Despacito” again to sound like “Tiny Speedo/ Old man tanning in a tiny speedo/ I think he needs to be way more discrete-o/ This whole beach can see his little pepito/ Tiny Speedo!”

Not exactly a record-breaker, but there’s a place for it on the internet.

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