By Lynette Rice
January 30, 2019 at 06:32 PM EST

Ah, Alicia Florrick, what could have been!

The producers of The Good Fight told reporters Wednesday that they briefly considered incorporating the beloved The Good Wife character, played by Julianna Margulies, into the third season of their CBS All Access spin-off that returns March 4.

“We thought maybe about making a big episode where she would be at the resistance, Diane [Christine Baranski] and her face each other. But that would be the end of the story,” Robert King said at the annual Television Critics Tour in Pasadena, Calif. “It felt like an asterisk.”

Alicia is never far from the narrative, though. Executive Producer Michelle King admitted that the character is “referenced with regularity.”

But something else is making a comeback this season: The Good Fight will once again pay homage to the old Schoolhouse Rock interstitials that used to air during ABC’s Saturday morning programming block by bringing back Jonathan Coulton to write and perform instructive animated shorts for every episode. His first one that debuted during season 2 focused on the impeachment process. This season’s crop of interstitials will explore Russian troll farms, non-disclosure agreements, and the infamous Roy Cohn (Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s chief counsel during the Army-McCarthy hearings), among other topics.

There’s a reason for that latter interstitial. The Kings are introducing a new lawyer this season played by Michael Sheen, who is fashioned after both Cohn and Roger Stone. “Whether he’s liberal or conservative doesn’t matter,” explains Robert King of the character Roland Blum. “What matters is he’s winning. He’s like a devil, a satan within our law firm. He’s embracing the ID.”

One last fun detail about the new crop of episodes: the Kings will steal a page from Friends by naming their episodes in a similar fashion. So look for episodes called “The one inspired by Ron Cohn,” or “The one inspired by Proud Boys.”

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