By Nick Romano
January 30, 2019 at 08:35 AM EST

Does your emergency escape ladder and your copy of the Yellow Pages even spark joy, bro?

Jimmy Kimmel learned all about what it truly means to be Tidying Up when Marie Kondo of the Netflix show came to work her magic on Kimmel’s cluttered office. Though, she might not’ve been ready for the dead cockroaches left in the corner.

The late-night host seemed a bit hesitant at first because he dreamt Kondo came into his office and destroyed his things. “With the Konmari Method, what we will be doing here today is checking if everything that you own sparks joy or not,” Kondo clarified through a translator.

He still didn’t seem ready to sit in a circle with his assistants and give thanks to his office or to express gratitude to all the black socks he has to wear to host Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Since there were some rumors going around that Kondo recommends having less than 30 books, she did also note as she addressed Kimmel’s bookshelf, “I don’t know where that rumor came from. It’s a complete misconception.” He could probably do without the Yellow Pages, to be honest.

While Kondo taught Kimmel about the fine art of decluttering, Kimmel taught Kondo about the fine art of “The Rain” by Orange “Juice” Jones. If you ever wanted nearly 60 seconds worth of Kondo staring quizzically at Kimmel while he recited the lyrics, you’re in luck.

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