The new Flamin' Hot Nacho flavor is apparently something to behold

By Christian Holub
January 29, 2019 at 12:03 PM EST

Doritos want to be your fire, the one desire. To that end, the famous chip brand has upgraded its Nacho Cheese chip into a new Flamin’ Hot flavor, and they’ll be promoting it on Sunday with a Super Bowl ad featuring the Backstreet Boys and Chance the Rapper.

The ad is available to watch in either 30-second or 60-second versions, but they follow the same premise. Chance takes a bite of a new Flamin’ Hot Nacho Dorito, and the flavor transports him to driving a pink car through a parking lot, with different colors of smoke all around him. Chance even has a few raps about the experience of eating the new chip (“walkin’ like a taco, drivin’ over potholes, hotter than a pot roast, fingers on my hot chips”) before the Backstreet Boys show up to dance behind him in a garage and sing their classic hit “I Want It That Way.”

Watch the full 60-second video above, and stay tuned for more EW coverage of this year’s Super Bowl commercials.

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