By Lynette Rice
January 23, 2019 at 02:39 PM EST

Criminal Minds costar A.J. Cook, who plays Jennifer Jareau, will make her directorial debut in Wednesday’s episode titled “Chameleon” — and EW has an exclusive first look!

In the episode, a new unsub appears to have outsmarted David Rossi (Joe Mantegna), which prompts him to question his actions in the aftermath of a near-death struggle. Gail O’Grady also returns as Krystall, Rossi’s girlfriend.

“It’s told in a slightly different format,” Cook tells EW of her directorial debut. “It’s told in a flashback format, which I love, because it makes it interesting. We are dealing with a pretty prolific unsub here. It’s very personal for Rossi. We see him vulnerable and in a state we’ve never seen him before. It’s definitely going to rattle the audience a little bit. Straight out of the gate, you are going to be wondering what happened. Is Rossi okay?”

As for the new unsub, Cook boasts, “It’s kind of cool I’m introducing a new one! He’s a good one. He’s going to leave a mark, shall we say, on our audience.”

CBS recently announced that Criminal Minds has been renewed for a 15th and final season. The series finale is expected to include a wedding and a major confession.

The procedural is one of CBS’ longest-running dramas.

Criminal Minds airs at 10 p.m. ET Wednesdays on CBS.

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