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Julie Chen Moonves always tells Big Brother houseguests to “expect the unexpected,” and this season of Celebrity Big Brother is already living up to that catchphrase.

Just days after the season 2 premiere, which aired Monday on CBS, Anthony Scaramucci is out of the house and in Davos, Switzerland, where he is being featured in a Skybridge business conference.

Fans of Big Brother first noticed Scaramucci’s absence from the house when the online live feeds became active following Tuesday night’s episode of the show, on which Scaramucci was nominated by Ryan Lochte for possible eviction. Viewers of the live feeds saw houseguests acknowledging Scaramucci was not in the house and wondering if his picture on the memory wall would eventually be turned black-and-white, which normally happens after a contestant has been evicted.

But it appears Scaramucci had long been scheduled to appear at the conference — where he discussed gender equality at The Female Quotient’s The FQ Lounge — and it is unclear if the former Trump White House staffer has quit the reality competition or if this trip was negotiated as part of his contract when he signed on for Big Brother.

During a panel at the Skybridge conference Thursday, Scaramucci reportedly said he could not say why he left the show, but that the experience was “a tremendous amount of fun.”

In footage obtained by TMZ, he said the following: “I just left the Big Brother house … you have to tune in Friday to understand what happened… Unfortunately, I signed a confidentiality [agreement], but there’s a little bit of a cliffhanger.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Scaramucci also discussed why he went into the house in the first place: “There’s a lot of intellectuals that are like, ‘WTF, what’s he doing on Big Brother.’ But you have to remember I grew up in a blue-collar family, so you have to remember that America watches these shows. You don’t want to unplug yourself totally from America.”

“Surprisingly, I think my White House experience is pretty similar to the Big Brother programming because unfortunately, these are games of elimination,” Scaramucci told EW before entering the House. “If you think about presidential politics, as an example, it is the peak of elimination games. So what happens in an elimination game is people get rough on each other, and they’re saying mean and nasty things, and they’re elbowing each other, and then they’re politicking against each other, and that’s very similar to what goes on in the Big Brother house. So I think that experience has well primed me.”

If Sacaramucci did, in fact, leave the Big Brother house for good, it means he would have lasted six days, the same number of days he was employed as communications director at Trump’s White House.

EW has reached out to CBS for comment on Sacramucci’s status on Celebrity Big Brother.

The next episode of Celebrity Big Brother airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET.

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