By Dalton Ross
January 20, 2019 at 10:00 AM EST

Almost the entire season 2 Celebrity Big Brother cast has some sort of history with reality television, including Natalie Eva Marie, who did serious time on Total Divas. But while that experience may have prepared her somewhat for living her life on screen, there will still be a huge adjustment, the former wrestler told us.

“Being on Total Divas definitely prepared me,” says Eva Marie. “Because when you’re on a reality show, you’re used to cameras following you. However, the big difference with Big Brother is they do not turn off. So that’s going to be something where it will be very different for me because it’s 24-7. Even just being conscious of the fact that I can’t step out of the shower to grab a towel. Like, something little, minor like that is a big deal and to really be kind of cognizant of those types of actions that you would normally take for granted at home. And that was the difference with Total Divas — you could turn off the camera for second and take a break. There are no breaks in Big Brother.”

But Eva Marie is looking forward to the cameras disproving the misconception that “maybe I won’t be able to handle being in the house for that long or that I need a glam squad or that I need extra little things to make my stay more comfortable or else I’m going to quit.”

Not only does Eva Marie not plan to quit, she plans to win! “I think I’m going to win Big Brother because not only can I handle the physicality of the challenges but I’m mentally tough and I’m ready to play the game and I’m competitive at heart so I’m gonna stay in it to win it.”

We’ll find out when the show premieres Jan. 21 on CBS. In the meantime, watch our interview with Eva Marie above and also make sure to check out our Q&As with Anthony ScaramucciKandi BurrussKato KaelinJoey LawrenceDina LohanRyan Lochte , Lolo Jones, and Ricky WIlliams, as well as our full cast gallery.