By Dalton Ross
January 20, 2019 at 02:00 PM EST

For better or for worse, Omarosa made the most headlines last season on Celebrity Big Brother, and now she’s making headlines even though she’s not even part of the season 2 cast.

When we asked new houseguest (and former Mean Girls star) Jonathan Bennett whether he would rather be a hero or a villain this season, he did not hesitate to answer. And he threw out a familiar name to explain why. “I would definitely rather be the hero this season,” Bennett told EW. “Because the villains scare me. Like, Omarosa was the scariest person I have ever seen on television. I am so happy that I am not in the house with Omarosa.”

Bennett then froze, remembering that past players have been known to return to the Big Brother house. “If Omarosa is in the house, I am running,” said a panicked Bennett. “I am running out of the house!”

As long as the house remains Omarosa-free, however, Bennett thinks he has a good shot of becoming the season 2 champ. “I’m going to win Celebrity Big Brother because I am the best at playing games and getting people to like me.” Hey, just like Omarosa!

Oh, we kid. But we’ll see for ourselves when the season premieres Jan. 21 on CBS. In the meantime, watch Bennett talk smack about Omarosa in the video above, and also make sure to check out our Q&As with Anthony ScaramucciKandi BurrussKato KaelinJoey LawrenceDina LohanRyan Lochte , Lolo Jones, Ricky Williams, and Natalie Eva Marie, as well as our full cast gallery.