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With 12 Olympic medals, Ryan Lochte is the second-most decorated swimmer in U.S. history. That’s the good news. But then that whole fake robbery thing in Brazil happened, and that news was decidedly less good.

So what are we to make of the Lochte that will be appearing on Celebrity Big Brother, which premieres Jan. 21 on CBS? We asked the man himself what he hopes to show America about himself through this experience. “I want America to really see me for me, the loving, caring,” he says. “I’m sensitive, I’m giving, and I put everyone before me.”

While Lochte admits that winning Celebrity Big Brother may not match the highs of winning an Olympic gold (SACRILEGE!), he does say that the experience is definitely taking him out of his comfort zone, and that he is actually feeling something he never did while swimming — butterflies. “I never get nervous before the Olympics,” says Lochte. “But I’m actually getting nervous to go on Celebrity Big Brother.”

It’s all good, my man: We’re nervous to see you! And see him you can, by watching the video above. Also make sure to check out our Q&As with Anthony Scaramucci, Kandi Burruss, Kato Kaelin, Joey Lawrence, and Dina Lohan, as well as our full cast gallery.

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