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Joey Lawrence was my initial pick to win season 2 of Celebrity Big Brother (which premieres Jan. 21 on CBS.) So I asked him to tell us about his big plan for victory! “I’m not sure I can win the show,” responded Lawrence. “I don’t have a strategy. I’m not very familiar with it.”

Uhhhh… ooooooookay. So maybe not the best winner pick I’ve ever made. (At the same time, definitely not the worst either.) But hey, I’m sure at least he will be devious whenever he needs to be to help him get further in the game. Right, Joey? “I’m not going to be devious to win the game. I can’t do it. It doesn’t come naturally to me. So if I can’t win on honest merit, then I’m not going to win it, I guess.”

Uhhhh… ooooooookay. Maybe this is my worst winner pick ever. But perhaps all hope is not lost for the man with no strategy who appears to have never seen the show and refuses to lie to get ahead. Because he also describes himself as a “reactive guy” who will “allow myself to be pliable to the situation and assess I go.” That adaptability is actually one of the most important attributes for a competitive reality show contestant, whether Lawrence knows it or not. So there could actually be hope for him after all.

But who cares about all that. What we all really want to know from Lawrence is how he feels his time in the Celebrity Big Brother house will compare to his Chippendales stint. Or, at least, that’s what I want to know. How do the nerves before embarking on both “adventures” compare? We asked the former Blossom star, and you can watch the video above to see his answer. Because why wouldn’t you? Also make sure to check out our Q&As with Anthony Scaramucci, Kandi Burruss, and Kato Kaelin, as well as our full cast gallery.

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