At Home with Amy Sedaris is returning with a bang… literally.

TruTV unveiled Friday the first trailer for the home show satire’s upcoming second season, which sees star Amy Sedaris navigating nuclear casseroles, an avian onslaught (thanks to a specialty craft known as the “donut bird-feeder”), and a googly-eye assault — all while welcoming a wealth of celebrity guest stars (including Susan Sarandon, Rose Byrne, Ana Gasteyer, and Matthew Broderick) into her house.

“Welcome to At Home with Amy Sedaris. This show is about hospitality: the act of welcoming guests into your home so you don’t have to go to theirs,” Sedaris says at the top of the clip that also sees Amy’s bougie neighbor Patty Hogg (also played by Sedaris) slapping Michael Shannon across the face, a ghostly Justin Theroux haunting Amy’s closet, and Ana Gasteyer musing about how “animals seem tense right before we chop off their heads” during a cooking segment.

“Think of this show as delicious, Emmy-nominated pound cake,” Sedaris says at the preview ends. “All the ingredients are essential: One pound of me, two whole cups of myself, a generous drizzle of I, and a pinch of you, my fans!”

“We used [season 1 episode Murdercide] as our template for season 2,” Sedaris exclusively told EW of the murder-mystery installment in December. “There’s more story involved. It feels like every episode someone’s trying to kill me, and it’s hilarious. It’s still a variety show. It’s still got the cooking and the crafting, there’s just a little bit more storyline.”

At Home with Amy Sedaris season 2 premieres Tuesday, Feb. 19 at 10:00 p.m. ET on TruTV. Watch the first trailer for the new batch of episodes above, and check out EW’s exclusive season 2 preview here.

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