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America’s most famous houseguest is now about to become a Big Brother houseguest as well. That’s right, Kato Kaelin is part of the season 2 cast of Celebrity Big Brother, which premieres Jan. 21 on CBS. As a key figure in the “trial of the century” (his words) of O.J. Simpson, Kaelin knows that his fellow players are sure to have questions — and when it comes to his time around Simpson and the ensuing trial, he is not opposed to answering.

“I’ve done so many interviews over the years, I have no problems answering questions about that,” Kaelin told EW before entering the house. But that doesn’t mean he’s excited to do so. “You know, it’s so, to me, boring, the O.J. It’s not who I am, and it’s something that obviously happened in my life, but if they have a question that they want me to answer or something that I can answer, I have no problem with that.”

While Kaelin will not shut himself off from the topic, he does have a strategy to change the topic if need be. “If they’re sort of interviewing me in that house with their questions, I’d like to find out more about them and turn and say, ‘Yeah, let’s talk about you.’ And then back to me.”

We’ll see how successful that is once he gets in the house. In the meantime, you can watch him talk about how he plans to handle the inevitable Simpson questions in the video above, as well as him explaining how being in the house will be difficult on his precious bathroom time and his fears about being without technology because “social media and the phone has become part of my body.”

And if all that is not enough to entice you to watch the video above, you have not truly lived until listening to Kato Kaelin comparing himself to sushi. I can’t sell it any harder than that. See for yourself, and then make sure to check out our interviews with Anthony Scaramucci and Kandi Burruss, while also taking a gander at our full cast gallery.

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