We just got our first look at the contestants who will be competing on season 2 of Celebrity Big Brother, and now we here at EW have your exclusive first look at the house itself, courtesy of a personal tour by host Julie Chen Moonves.

Every season, producers change up the interior of the house, and judging by the three bedrooms Julie shows us in the video above, it appears there is a definite retro New York City vibe at play. It starts with the “5th Avenue Bedroom” that highlights “the highest fashion of the ‘40s.” Julie then shows off the “Hotel Bedroom” while admitting “this is not what our summer houseguests get. This is what our celebrities on Big Brother get.” And last but not least comes the “Celebrity Building Bedroom,” which inspires Julie to test your knowledge of architecture, art deco, and New York history.

How will you do on her pop quiz? Watch the video above to find out while getting your exclusive first look at the house, and make sure to tune into the Celebrity Big Brother premiere on Jan. 21 to find out what happens when you stick Kato Kaelin and Anthony Scaramucci in a room together. (Answer: amazing things.)

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