Any fan of The Bachelor knows there are certain unwritten rules contestants must follow to avoid the dreaded “she’s not here for the right reasons” label: 1) Don’t “steal” the Bachelor more than once during the cocktail party; 2) Always “open up” in a timely fashion; and 3) Never, ever touch the date rose until the Bachelor hands it to you!!!

Buckle up, rose lovers, because in this exclusive preview of Monday’s episode, Demi returns from her chat with Colton on the group date and then dares to handle the rose, while the other “ladies” watch in horror. “Oh, it’s my rose!” she says, brandishing the bud briefly. Tracy, for one, is NOT having it.

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Credit: ABC

“I was, like, short of breath!” Tracy reports. “All of us, I could tell, were, like, totally taken aback.”

Decision time, rose lovers! Were Demi’s actions unacceptable and proof that she doesn’t have the “life experience” required to be Colton’s wife, as Tracy suggests? Or should everyone just take a deep breath and get over it? Post your thoughts below!

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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