When Asa Butterfield and Gillian Anderson came to EW's studios to discuss their new Netflix comedy Sex Education — about an awkward teen (Butterfield) and his sex-therapist mom (Anderson) — there was no way we were going to let them leave without sharing some of their own embarrassing sex-related stories. Butterfield, who says he "can't wait" to embarrass his own kids when he becomes a parent, explains the running joke his family has about movie love scenes. "My Dad, whenever we would watch a film and it had a sex scene or even just people kissing… whoever would manage to say, 'Oh, it's your favorite bit!' first would win," says the actor. "It's just really childish… I'd get like, 'Shut up, Dad, it's not!'"

Anderson, meanwhile, reveals a mortifying moment she had as an adult, when she and her parents decided to go see Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno in theaters. (She accidentally refers to it as Borat in the video above.) The 2009 cringe comedy has plenty of uncomfortable moments, but Anderson says the scene involving a medium and a "virtual BJ" was a bridge too far for her family: "I think that was the point that we all lifted ourselves out of our seats and left the building."

Sex Education is available now on Netflix.

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