Bryan Cranston played the nerd in Jimmy Fallon‘s high school-set musical bit with Lana Condor, but his character Randy didn’t get the concept, which led to embarrassing results.

In a nod to Condor’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Fallon put on “To All the Me’s I Was Before,” a sing-song dance number in which the jock and cheerleader reveal their G-rated secrets: he likes to knit and she likes to play video games.

Randy, however, revealed more PG-13-rated secrets, like how he didn’t leave right away when he walked in on his parents having sex or how, instead of calling the cops when a man got hit by a car, he took video and posted it to YouTube. And he had plenty more secrets to share, despite help from Tommy and Stacey.

“How about the time I got tired at the Women’s March and I pretended to faint so they would have to carry me the rest of the way?” Randy says.

It’s not on par with Broadway’s Network, Cranston’s current play, but it’ll do for The Tonight Show.

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