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Project Runway is returning to Bravo with a whole new look!

When season 17 of the reality design competition premieres this year on Bravo (after airing on Lifetime the past 11 seasons), there will be new hosts — Karlie Kloss and Christian Siriano stepping in for Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn — a new runway, and a new workroom.

Kloss previously provided a peek at the new runway, and now EW has an exclusive tour of the new workroom led by none other than the new mentor:
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In the video above, Siriano takes fans through his favorite elements of the new set.

The workroom
"The workroom has such amazing architecture. I mean, we're in an old warehouse in Brooklyn. It's big, industrial, I love the pillars and the wood floors. It feels like such an inspiring place to work and I think the designers really need that; it's pretty fabulous."

The accessories wall
"Oh my god. It's glamorous and amazing. And there are so many great options. I hope the designers feel inspired when they look at it. There are things that are glamorous, things that are more wearable. It changes every challenge. I see a little Siriano shoe, which is exciting. And I just love this because designers can really finish their look, which is so important. I mean, who doesn't love a sequin sparkly boot? I know I do. There's just such great things here."

The sewing room
"So much hard work goes on in this room. This is where everything really comes to life. You know, something that's flat and nothing and you turn it into this three-dimensional form. I mean, it really is the best part of Project Runway. I love it."

The "infamous" clock
"Every designer is looking at this every day, all day because there is never enough time on Project Runway, ever. But I think the designers really make it work and make something fabulous every challenge, I think you'll agree."

Project Runway season 17 will air in spring 2019.

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