Orange Is the New Black actress Natasha Lyonne has a peculiar recurring relationship to death in the new trailer for her upcoming Amy Poehler-produced comedy series Russian Doll.

The show follows Nadia (Lyonne), a young woman en route to a wild New York City party. But instead of pounding shots and doing death drops on the dance floor, Nadia’s evening ends in an unfortunate accident that results in her untimely demise. But instead of traveling to the afterlife, Nadia is seemingly forced to relive the same night over and over, dying in new (and increasingly amusing) ways each time.

“I’m not fine. I’m questioning my own sanity,” Lyonne says in the clip, which sees her investigating the grim set of recurring events as those around her begin to question her mental state. “It’s a long story involving multiple deaths.”

Things look up near the end of the clip, however, when Nadia — trapped on a doomed elevator careening toward the ground — meets a young man who admits he also dies “all the time.”

Written by Lyonne (also an executive producer) and co-creator Leslye Headland, season 1 of Russian Doll (which also features performances by Greta Lee, Chloë Sevigny, Charlie Barnett, and Lyonne’s Orange Is the New Black costar Dascha Polanco) premieres Feb. 1 on Netflix. Watch the series’ first trailer above.

Credit: Netflix

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