By Derek Lawrence
January 08, 2019 at 09:45 AM EST
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Pour out a cup of trash juice at Sunday Funday for You’re the Worst.

We promise the fifth and final round of the sweet, raunchy FXX comedy will give perennial underdogs Gretchen (Aya Cash), Jimmy (Chris Geere), Edgar (Desmin Borges), and Lindsay (Kether Donohue) a happy ending in the Worst way.

Ahead of the last season’s premiere on Wednesday, half of the anti-rom-com’s lovingly reckless couple tells EW why she’s avoiding saying goodbye to the series that gave her what she never knew she could have.

Not ready to say goodbye

AYA CASH: “First of all, I’m in complete denial about it ending. I actually have all the episodes to watch and I just haven’t because I can’t quite get my head around it — and I don’t want it to be over. Chris Geere watched and he’s like, ‘Now it’s over.’ So I’m in complete denial. I have some of the best writers in this business writing me up and down and that’s just so rare. I’m going to miss being surprised and stretched by the people who create the show. I would read scripts like a fan and get to know different parts of this character and be shocked that I was allowed to go to these places. I guess hashtag blessed is going to be the title of this. Hashtag blessed, hashtag vomit.”

A life-changing job

“The show changed my life. I went from being a working actor — someone who kind of went job to job, always looking for the next, financially unstable, and unsure what was going to happen next — to having a steady job that shockingly was completely artistically fulfilling and with people I loved. I’ve seen a lot of people get amazing jobs and go on to be on TV shows and in movies, but there’s not as many people that are as excited and proud of that after a few years, everything sort of stabilizes and its onto the next. And this was a job that gave me satisfaction and I was proud to be a part of for all five years. I feel really lucky to have that and that’s a very rare thing. So it changed my life because it changed my career but it also changed what I thought was possible for me to do on television.”

The very long last day

“The final day of shooting was a very long, very hard block. We block shoot multiple episodes at a time, so I just remember that we were all insanely exhausted and a little in denial about the whole thing. You’re just trying to get through it and make your days. The last two episodes are incredibly ambitious. I felt like I didn’t really think about it until we got to the last day and we were shooting and as each of the four of us wrapped out, it got sadder and sadder. I started going through all my old pictures of the last five years and posting them on my stories and acknowledging people as we left. I was the very last person to wrap and it was late and, again, it was an exhausting day, and we were shooting something where I was in a bathroom shooting through the medicine cabinet and we just kept doing these takes over and over again. And they were like, ‘Okay, one more.’ And I was like, ‘Oh my god, we’re doing so many takes of this!’ And I opened the cabinet to do the bit when they called action and everyone was there in front of my face and said, ‘You’re wrapped.’ So it was a joyous moment as opposed to a sad one. And then we all cracked some beers in the parking lot of our little makeshift studio and had some drinks and hung out. Then I went home and some people partied until seven in the morning!”

Prepare for the end

“I think it ends the way you want it to end based on what’s been set up. The lyrics to the theme song are ‘I’m gonna leave you anyway,’ so that’s always a possibility. But it’s a satisfying ending without being pandering. It’s going to be really fun for everyone to see the recurring characters and the whole world that’s built around these four. All of our recurring characters come back and you get to see everyone have their moment and that’s my favorite thing about the show. We’re all fine but the other characters are really what build the world.”

You’re the Worst‘s final season begins Jan. 9 at 10 p.m. ET on FXX.

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