The Rookie (TV series)

The fall finale of The Rookie left nearly everyone’s fate in limbo.

Nolan (Nathan Fillion) and Lucy (Melissa O’Neill) were facing down the barrel of a gun when the brother of a suspect came to Nolan’s house to exact revenge. Jackson’s (Titus Makin) interactions with his father left audiences with a lot of questions. And as for Tim (Eric Winter), Talia (Afton Williamson), and Angela (Alyssa Diaz), well, things weren’t looking so hot for them either as their attempts to use Isabel (Mircea Monroe) for a drug bust went south.

When the series returns, Tim is hot on the trail of the drug dealer who kidnapped Isabel, Vance (Christopher James Baker). In this exclusive clip from the midseason premiere, Tim and Lucy find and question Vance’s pregnant girlfriend to try to uncover further information about the dealer and Isabel’s whereabouts.

“Tim is a really smart guy and a smart cop; [Isabel] just is his blind spot,” series creator Alexi Hawley previously told EW about Officer Bradford’s response to the events of the fall finale. “Because he loves her and how much he wants to protect her even though he can’t, it’s a really loaded situation for him. There is a chance it could break him.”

Credit: ABC

We’re right back in the thick of things on Tuesday night’s episode, and we can see the strain this is putting on Tim as he pushes a pregnant woman to make a call to help them nab Vance. Will he be able to keep his promises?

Watch the clip above for more. The Rookie airs at Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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