By Dan Snierson
January 04, 2019 at 01:11 PM EST
Erik Simkins/Comedy Central

Cheery, savvy stand-up Ron Funches is ready to bring you his first hourlong stand-up special. The appropriately titled Giggle Fit, which airs Jan. 4 at 11 p.m. ET on Comedy Central (the same day as the release of the digital album), features the amiable 35-year-old comedian riffing on topics ranging from his sleek transformation, his journey raising an autistic son, his aggressive admiration of the Rock, and, sure, Naked and Afraid. “I had some 15-minute specials and some half-hours and some television appearances, but this is my first chance to really showcase what I’m about, which is a lot of positivity and optimism and hope in comedy,” says Funches, whose recent acting credits include Powerless, Undateable, and Black-ish. “I talk about what I love and enjoy, as opposed to what gets me down and what stresses me.” Warning, though: this special might not be for everyone. Below, Funches gives you nine good reasons NOT to tune in.

1. “If you don’t like the Rock — if you don’t think he’s a national treasure or the next president of the United States — stay the hell away from my special or you’re going to get a People’s Elbow. He is basically Beyoncé for boys, and I talk about him in the special.”

2. “The audience is laughing. I’m laughing at my own jokes. The whole special is called Giggle Fit. If you hate laughter, this special isn’t for you.

3. “If you’re used to old, fat Ron, you might feel a sense of loss when you see me because I’m fit and handsome. I lost 140 pounds, mostly through exercise and dieting. And by dieting, I mean eating gummy bears and spitting them into the trash, which is harder than not eating them in the first place.”

4. “If you don’t like whimsy, I’m not for you. I’m a very whimsical man. I’m a fun guy with a fun voice. I sound like a Disney cartoon that teaches you about responsibility.”

5. “If you’re sensitive about where pizza is placed — if you think pizza should just go in mouths — you might not like this special. You might be used to a G-rated pizza lifestyle, but what we’re doing with pizza is rated R.”

6. “If you’re not comfortable with a strong single dad who finds humor in his son’s autism and the situation it puts them in, this might not be for you. I just hope people can see that there’s nothing but love for my son, and I never try to use his disability as a punchline… Autistic people tell me how happy it makes them, and my jokes represent them.”

7. “If you hate glittery robes, I’m wearing one at the start of the special as a tribute to my mentor, Ric Flair, who taught me comedy. So maybe you want to skip it — or just close your eyes for the first five minutes.”

8. “If you hate vision boards and don’t believe in setting goals, this special isn’t meant for you. You can take your apathetic butt elsewhere, because around here we’re setting big goals — like, buying houses and wanting LeBron James to have sex with our mom.”

9. “If someone threw a turkey at your television over the holidays and it doesn’t work anymore, don’t watch my special. You’ve got bigger problems.”

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