Look at it this way: they may finally fix that dang elevator.

Though CBS wasn’t exactly jonesing for The Big Bang Theory to end after 12 seasons, the writers are giddy about the chance to go out on top. But now comes the hard part: figuring out how to end TV’s longest-running multi-camera sitcom this spring.

“Everyone has such specific ideas about what they think the end of the show should be,” says executive producer Steve Holland. “We know what we are driving towards and where we want to land.”

For our Winter TV Preview, we asked the stars of TBBT — Kaley Cuoco (Penny), Jim Parsons (Sheldon), and Johnny Galecki (Leonard) — to reveal how they’d like to see their comedy end. Not surprisingly, Cuoco and Parsons feel the same way most fans do (at least, we think). “The elevator, definitely. That’s one of my wishes for the final episode,” says Parsons. “The elevator gets fixed, at least for a minute, and then we all get stuck in it.”

“It would be a great show ending for me!” adds Cuoco.

Galecki just hopes the final episode includes lots of emotional moments, because “none of us are going to be able to keep from crying during the last taping. We’ve got to justify it in the writing somehow.”

In anticipation of the show’s much-anticipated ending, we’ve compiled 26 reasons why TBBT remains the most geek-tastic show on TV. And that’s not all we have planned for our annual midseason TV preview: we have scoop on the reboot of Roswell, the debut of Deadly Class and The Passage, and the return of True Detective, Star Trek, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, among others. We also have a Q&A with star Chris Pine and director Patty Jenkins about I Am the Night, the upcoming limited series for TNT.

Credit: Justin Stephens for EW

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