Want to see an A-list powerhouse totally freak out? Want to see Jimmy Fallon do the same? All it takes is a game of Can You Feel It? and their imaginations will do the rest.

During The Tonight Show festivities on Tuesday, Fallon asked guest Jennifer Lopez to endure a round of this game, which involves the pop and R&B diva putting her hands inside a mystery box and trying to guess what’s in it.

Is it a live tarantula? A snake? A gnarly iguana? Bugs? No, it’s a bagel with cream cheese and lox, a mini snowman, a fake tarantula (though still creepy), and a toaster with sponges coming out of it. But it’s what Lopez and Fallon think is inside the box that makes this game so much fun to watch.

Milo Ventimiglia, Lopez’s costar on the film Second Act, joined them for a round, as well, and they agreed to plunge their hands inside the box at the same time.

Watch the fear in their eyes as they make contact with a bowl of guacamole. It’s almost as fun as watching Fallon’s response to Dolly Parton making a threesome joke.

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