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At Home with Amy Sedaris is returning at the top of 2019.

TruTV announced Tuesday season 2 of the Emmy-nominated home show satire will debut the first of its 10 episodes on Tuesday, Feb. 19 at 10:00 p.m. ET with a slew of high profile guest stars, including Rose Byrne, Matthew Broderick, Justin Theroux, Susan Sarandon, Ann Dowd, Gillian Jacobs, Juliette Lewis, Ellie Kemper, Fred Armisen, Michael Shannon, Martha Plimpton, Jessica Walter, Campbell Scott, Billy Crudup, Bridget Everett, Julie Klausner, Paul W. Downs, Janeane Garofalo, Richard Kind, Thomas Lennon, David Krumholtz, Ana Gasteyer, Darrell Hammond, Jackie Hoffman, John Early, James Monroe Iglehart, and Matt Malloy.

After debuting in fall 2017, At Home with Amy Sedaris quickly built a cult following around its whacky take on the modern home show featuring kooky characters — many of which Sedaris plays, like the loud-mouthed Patty Hogg and the ever-intoxicated Regional Wine Lady — and zany scenarios including quirky crafting sessions, cooking tips, and even a visit from a possessed doll who murders Neil Patrick Harris on Christmas Eve.

At Home with Amy Sedaris was created by its titular star and her Strangers with Candy co-creator Paul Dinello, while her Candy costar Stephen Colbert made a guest appearance on an episode of the show’s first season.

The program also features set decorations and costumes lifted from Sedaris’ personal collection.

“With Amy, for herself, there’s that side that’s very crafty, but there’s that side that’s kind of glamorous, with 1950s dresses in persimmons colors,” costume designer Vicki Farrell previously told EW of working on the show. “It was fun to put together colors. We were into the colors of old photographs and yellows and persimmons, beautiful blues, and gravy greens. So that makes it really fun, too.”

Watch EW’s exclusive Thanksgiving-themed preview of the new season here.

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