The music video contained references to Goldblum's most famous movies

By Christian Holub
December 06, 2018 at 03:13 PM EST

The recent music video for Ariana Grande’s break-up anthem “thank u next” found the singer immersed in references to movies like Mean Girls and Legally Blonde while reflecting on her past romances. On Wednesday night’s edition of The Late Late Show, James Corden unveiled his own take on the video, complete with its own movie references to the likes of Jurassic Park and Thor: Ragnarok. In other words, it was all about Jeff Goldblum.

“Thank U Jeff” was Corden’s ode to Goldblum’s career and enduring stardom. Riffing on the most famous line from Grande’s song, the host declared that “he taught me love, he taught me patience, he taught me pain / Jeff Goldblum’s amazing.” He took to stage in a parody of the Mean Girls dance, but instead of girls in Santa costumes, Corden was backed by dancers dressed like Goldblum’s characters from The Fly, Independence Day, Thor: Ragnarok, and Jurassic Park. Other dancers were dressed in dinosaur costumes to further evoke the Jurassic franchise. Goldblum himself took on the role of the Amy Poehler/Kris Jenner character, filming gleefully from the audience.

Goldblum does more than just act of course. Corden also referenced his side career as a jazz musician — at one point in the video, Corden lays on top of a piano while Goldblum plays, as if they were Lucy and Schroeder from Peanuts — and praised Goldblum as his favorite celebrity guest to have on the show. Goldblum was flattered, but also wanted to know how long Corden has had that book with all the pictures of him.

Watch the full video above.

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