By Nick Romano
December 05, 2018 at 08:17 AM EST

It’s unclear whether this will convince any Oscar voters of her loveliness, but Saoirse Ronan proved her Bridesmaids trivia prowess to Jimmy Fallon. It was awesome.

“What does Rebel Wilson’s character use to treat her infected tattoo?” She knows it.

“Which two cast members were roommates in real life?” Easy.

“What nickname does drunk Kristen Wiig’s character give the obnoxious flight attendant Steve?” That would be Stove because “he’s an appliance,” she said.

Yeah, Ronan watched this movie too many times to count. “Like, I’m playing it in my head right now,” she joked. Ronan can also sing the song they sing during Lillian’s engagement party from memory.

Again, this talent probably won’t impact her mingling with Academy members while drumming up buzz for Mary Queen of Scots this awards season, but it’s a great party trick.

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