Credit: Tom Cruise/Twitter

Tom Cruise feels the need … the need to reduce America’s usage of motion-compensated frame interpolation.

The actor took a break from filming Top Gun: Maverick to shoot a PSA on the importance of disabling the dreaded “soap opera effect” on modern TVs.

Standing alongside his Mission Impossible: Fallout director Christopher McQuarrie (who is doing some script work on the Top Gun sequel), Cruise discusses how the “motion smoothing” function on newer TVs can really water down the cinematic experience.

While this might seem like a rather niche issue for the superstar actor and director to tackle, Cruise effortlessly makes talking about just about anything feel like it’s an urgent matter requiring your immediate attention — especially when he’s back in Maverick’s flight jumpsuit.

And frankly, the effect does make even the most cinematic productions look like you’re watching a play on PBS’ Great Performances, so it’s worth exploring your settings if you haven’t already. Here’s one guide on how to turn it off for Samsung, Sony, and LG TVs.

I daresay the picture improvement could very well take your breath away.

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